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DtSR Episode 385 – Malware on the Lifeline

On this episode of the Down the Security Rabbithole podcast, Nathan Collier from Malwarebytes reports some findings from his research that basically there was some pre-installed malware running around, impossible to uninstall, on low-cost mobile phones.

A deep dive into the dark web: Behind the mystery and preserving privacy

Researcher Pieter Arntz dives into the realities of the Dark Web, busting myths and exploring why you should care about the Dark Web.

Could deepfakes be used to train office workers?

Analyst Chris Boyd explores the potential issues with AI training for employees in this BBC article on deepfakes.

Bring Your Own Privacy

Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava looks at how employees can bring their own privacy with them wherever they are – from the office to home, and on the go.

The Cybersecurity 202: Most Democratic presidential campaigns score high on cybersecurity protections

Jerome Segura, director of threat intelligence, explains the dangers of “typo-squatting” in the wake of hackers taking advantage of Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter typos.

Consumerization: A Better Answer To Cybersecurity Challenges

Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava explores the consumerization of cybersecurity in this Forbes Tech Council piece.

Mac software threats climbed 400% in 2019, more than Microsoft Windows, report says

Our annual State of Malware report shows a massive growth in Mac malware and threats.

Real-world AI threats in cybersecurity aren’t science fiction

Adam Kujawa, a director at Malwarebytes Labs, explores fact versus fiction when it comes to artificial intelligence in VentureBeat.


Malware Posing as New Coronavirus Information Spreads Online, Exploiting Fears About Global Outbreak

China’s Computer Virus Emergency Response Center says malware was found to be circulating via email and the social networking platform WeChat. Experts say it may only get worse.

A Guide To Not Getting Hacked

Malwarebytes offers tips on how not to get hacked to Huffington Post readers.

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