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Tor creators debate research saying 80 percent of dark web traffic attributed to child abuse sites

Adam Kujawa, head of malware intelligence at Malwarebytes Labs, wrote in a Wednesday comment to that Matthewson’s response reminds that, “while the results sound scary, it’s likely that they can be misinterpreted, skewed, and the original data might contain lots of outliers

Steam Chat Spreading Dangerous Malware

The best solution for them would be to download the free version of AVG or Malwarebytes and run it with extreme prejudice.

Steam chat being used to distribute malicious .SCR file

Popular chat services have long been a target of this activity. In his report, Cluley linked to a September Malwarebytes post discussing a similar threat. Also in September, F-Secure identified malware being served over the chat feature for video game streaming service Twitch.

Mobile Threat Monday: Fake QQ Messaging App

This week, Malwarebytes identified a fake app on third-party Chinese app stores designed to look like the popular QQ messaging app. Malwarebytes calls it Trojan.SmsSpy.qq and said its only functionality is to capture QQ login credentials from unsuspecting users.

Web Browser Flaws Are Huge Endpoint Security Issue

Eighty-two percent of organizations surveyed experienced at least one online attack in the last year, according to new research conducted by Lawless Research and commissioned by Malwarebytes, a provider of software designed to protect against advanced threats.

Fraud-Proofing Credit Cards Through Quantum Physics

The challenge-response database could be hacked, but “the keys would not be in a form that could be digitally reproduced and therefore [would be] virtually useless to the attacker,” Adam Kujawa, head of Malware Intelligence at Malwarebytes, told TechNewsWorld.

Online Attacks Impact Majority of Businesses

The biggest surprise was the severity at which ransomware damaged operations and information for so many organizations. In fact, the last year has seen a decrease in new and novel types of ransomware while we have seen the emergence of the single worst one of them all, Cryptolocker,” Adam Kujawa, head of malware intelligence at Malwarebytes, told eWEEK.

Flaws in Ancient Standard Enable Wireless Eavesdropping, Spying

Until the protocol is upgraded, there isn’t a solution to this problem,” Jean Taggart, a security researcher at Malwarebytes, told TechNewsWorld.

Bebe breach a reminder of security vulnerabilities

Adam Kujawa, head of Malware Intelligence at Malwarebytes Labs, research arm of the anti-malware company: “It looks like the payment systems for (Bebe’s) U.S. stores were attacked, meaning that most likely they were all using the same software/hardware that had the same vulnerability.

Online Attacks Impact Majority of Businesses

A Malwarebytes study suggests enterprise IT teams still discern the largest impact from such threats to be the increased time spent at help desks.

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